12 Days of Family Fun: Activities to do with your child to keep the learning going

December 21, 2015

Holiday break is a wonderful time to share in your child’s learning. The HeartPrints teachers have put together a list of activities to do together while school is out, or anytime during the year! Happy Holidays!

  1. Enjoy cooking together. Give your child some measuring cups, a bowl of flour and jug of water and let her practice pouring and scooping.
  2. Take a walk. Play “I spy” for items of different colors and shapes.
  3. Put out a birdfeeder and count birds together.
  4. Read a story and create a new ending.
  5. Read a well-known story – like The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf – and change the characters (ex: The Three Little Porcupines and the Big Bad Chimpanzee – try not to say pig or wolf.)
  6. Cut coupons together and then make a grocery list together.
  7. Give your child a small box or shoe box.  Have him fill it with items around the house.  Have fun estimating, counting, sorting and seriating.
  8. Play “Bang” – write numbers, letters and or shapes on popsicle sticks.  On a couple of sticks write the word BANG.  Children pull out a stick, if they can tell you what is on the stick they keep it.  If they pull out the BANG stick they shout BANG.
  9. Make a collage using magazines and glue. Add cutouts from old holiday cards or pieces of wrapping paper.
  10. Paint on bubble wrap and make prints.
  11. Make some salad spinner art. Add drops of paint or food coloring to a piece of paper as it spins.
  12. Put on some music and have a dance party! Boxes of pasta make great shakers.
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