• Afternoon STEAM Club Programming…

  • This year HeartPrints will offer 5 afternoons of club programming.  The foundation of our club curriculum is STEAM education.  STEAM is an acronym that refers to education-related programs in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  STEAM education indicates integration of at least two of the STEAM disciplines within a curricular activity.  Our club curriculum is designed to support and enhance young children’s learning through quality activities that expose children to new concepts/ideas and encourage children to use their developing skills in a variety of creative ways.
    • Programs are open to preschool and kindergarten children.
    • We anticipate programs will fill up quickly.  Please consider your options and register early!
    • We are offering Clubs Monday through Friday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 pm.
    • Per instructions attached – please include the calendar with your registration form.  Write your child’s name in days he/she will attend.
  • Club Schedule & Topics:

    Winter Club Registration

    2017-2018 December, January & February Afternoon Clubs


    Monday – Engineering Club

    Join us in Engineering Club to learn how buildings are created.  Students will view blueprints, create their own plan for building and create a three dimensional building in December.
    In January, we will focus on bridges.  We will learn basic types of bridges, see bridges that have failed and build a truss bridge.
    In February, we will focus on building materials and see what materials are used around the world.  We will mix cement, make bricks and build!


    Tuesday – Chemistry Club

    In December children will experiment with candy canes and peppermints. Smells from the holidays will take over our room and we will explore our 5 senses.

    January will be filled with ice and crystals. How do crystals form and can we create our own? Growing crystals takes some time so these projects will build off of each other each week.

    February is usually a cold month. Children will experiment with heat to see how materials can change form when they are heated up and cooled down.


    Wednesday – World Adventure Club

    In December we are going to visit the Netherlands to see how their winter woodland creatures compare to ours. We will learn their names in Dutch, enjoy some Dutch food, and explore this culturally rich country. 

    Let’s go visit the penguins and polar bears in January! Did you know they do not even live on the same continent? We will visit both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica to enjoy games that the native children play, make art inspired by the Northern Lights, and explore how people and animals have adapted to live in such cold places.

    With months on winter weather, we are ready for a pretend vacation to the warm continent of Australia in February! From coast to coast we will explore the awesome animals that inhabit Australia and learn about both past and present aborigine tribes. We will even make our own boomerangs modeled after traditional aboriginal boomerangs!


    Thursday – Creative Arts Club

    In December we will learn songs, dances and traditions of Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukah.

    Through a special Meet-the-Artist focus in January, the children will explore and recreate the works of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

    Tell-Me-a-Story in February; with cards to prompt, the kids will create and illustrate stories of their very own. We may even pick music, based on the mood, for dramatic effect.


    Friday – Cooking Club {Philanthropic Focus}

    In December, children in the Friday cooking club will mix up batches of yummy holiday cookies for our friends at Meals on Wheels.  The children will also decorate and write messages in cards for our friends.

    January is all about the chocolate!  Children will learn about how we get chocolate and try making different recipes that call for chocolate.  Chocolate brownies, hot cocoa are just a few tasty treats for this month.

    February: This month children will combine literacy with cooking.  We will listen to several stories that involve food and then cook-up some snacks using those ingredients; such as, making blueberry muffins after reading “Blueberries for Sal” by Robert McCloskey.

  • Please take a few minutes to explore the possibilities.  Families may enroll in one or more club sessions.  We encourage families to consider enrolling in a consistent club schedule because some clubs may do project work lasting several weeks.
    Each Club meets one day per week. Each Class is $30.00 per day/class with the option to include lunch for an addition $10.00 fee per day/class.
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    Cancellation Policy:

    Classes are subject to a minimum and maximum enrollment.  In the event of our cancellation, HeartPrints will attempt to notify you in advance and offer you another club selection.  Missed classes will not be refunded or credited.  No changes will occur unless approved by Grace or Julie.

  • Registration form is included in packet materials.

    Download CLUB PACKET HERE >

    Step one:  Look at the calendar. Choose clubs that work for your child.

    Write Child’s Name in the selected date(s).

    Step two: Calculate your costs per clubs and/or lunches and fill in the attached registration form along with your payment.

    Turn in the completed calendar, monthly registration form and payment to the box outside the office door.