How do you move a toy car without touching it?

January 18, 2016

HeartPrints students were given a challenge: Move a toy car without touching it! They could use straws, toothpicks, clay and paper in their solution. The children settled on sails powered with their breath. But how to get the wind direction and force just right? A straw did the trick.

Playing with moving toys like cars helps children develop self-control, spatial relationships and an understanding of the forces shaping their world. This activity, offered in the afternoon “Building Club”, was a fun twist that excited their imaginations.

The students also thought about the “huffing and puffing” that takes place in a familiar story, and then wrote their own play. Using puppets and props of their own creation, the class performed “The Three Little Chickens and the Big Bad Snakes.” The action included knocking down a house of sticks.

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