Pennsylvania Department of Education Continuity of Education Plan Framework

Enrichment and Review

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Goal of the Plan:

HeartPrints Center is committed to providing students with Continuity of Education.  We will provide student learning by providing weekly activities to support both students and parents.

Overview of the Plan:

  • Each Monday teachers will send activities and lessons for the children to do at home.
  • Children will complete activities and lessons and return to teachers.
  • Teachers will review and offer feedback on activities and lessons.
  • Teachers will offer extra help where needed.
  • Teachers will support families as needed.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning:

Grade level:  Kindergarten

Staff will prepare and send activities to students to maintain our current curriculum and provide opportunities for enrichment and review.

  • Teachers will develop weekly lesson plans and outline required assignments for students.
  • Students will continue to progress through the PA Early Learning Standards for Kindergarten and the Weekly Curriculum map.
  • Teachers will support families as needed.
  • Students will use See Saw app., Reading A to Z books, ABC Mouse and Handwriting without Tears.

Communication Tools and Strategies:

  • See Saw Application – Teachers will send weekly lessons and check and get responses from each child/family.
  • School website will be updated with current school news.
  • Bi-weekly family newsletters sent out to families updating any current school news.


  • Children can access enrichment and review opportunities on See Saw.  Also, families were given access to the Handwriting Without Tears website and ABC Mouse.  Teachers have access to Reading A to Z and will forward books to the students.
  • Instruction will be sent to families every Monday morning.  We are fortunate that all families have access to technology and internet.

Staff General Expectations:

  • Teachers will send out packet of information every Monday.  Children will post work when completed.  Children will complete all tasks by Friday of that week.
  • Teachers will comment on work daily as it is completed and sent.  Special attention will be given when planning the weekly lessons to each individual child.
  • Parents may reach out to teachers by email, phone messages or See Saw with questions.

Student Expectations:

  • Students are expected to complete each assignment weekly.
  • Teachers will comment and make suggestions or offer extra help on assignments daily.

Attendance and Accountability:

  • Students will post completed work digitally or verbally.  Ex:  We have had parents send a video of child counting to 100 by 1’s 5’s and 10’s.
  • Meaningful participation in completing all assignments in a week.
  • Once the student has sent in completed work, teachers will comment on completed work.  Suggestions and extra assignments will be given if necessary.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for all Students:

All families have been using the See Saw app all year.  Teacher’s will respond when assignments are completed in a timely fashion.  Staff will be available for phone calls and email messages whenever necessary.

Special Education Supports:

N/A  We do not have any IEP’s in this class.

Gifted Education:

N/A We do not have IEP’s in this class.

Building/Grade Level Contacts:

Resource Links:

See Saw
Handwriting Without Tears
ABC Mouse
Reading A to Z
Pa Early Learning Standards – Kindergarten
HeartPrints Center Curriculum Map