Using current research about children’s development and learning, HeartPrints has designed an early learning program that reflects the principles and guidelines established by the national association for the education of young children. Based on a developmental approach, the curriculum focuses on the whole child and fosters social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic development. The latest research about early literacy and numeracy learning in young children guides the day-to-day curriculum experiences in the center. In the area of social and emotional development, a primary focus is to help children learn to manage their feelings and use conflict management skills with the support of a caring and nurturing environment.

In creating a curriculum for Heart Prints, we choose to blend elements from several highly respected approaches to early childhood education – Reggio Emilia, the Montessori approach, and the HighScope approach.

With our Reggio Emilia colleagues, we celebrate the languages children use and the symbols they make as they seek to build relationships with each other, with adults, and with the natural world.  We encourage children to express their knowledge, ideas, and emotions through the arts.  For more information on Reggio Emilia click here

With our Montessori colleagues, we celebrate the early childhood classroom as a well-planned and cared for place of beauty in which young children can share responsibility for their learning.  We believe young children should be surrounded by interesting materials and given the freedom and time to explore these materials.  For more information on the Montessori approach click here

With our HighScope colleagues, we celebrate young children’s abilities to actively participate in planning daily learning activities, following through on their plans, and reviewing the quality of their daily activities.  For more information on the HighScope approach click here

Our Curriculum Supports:

  • The young child’s active involvement in the learning process.
  • The young child’s advancement toward his/her individual potential.
  • The young child’s active involvement in building meaningful, reciprocal, responsive relationships within the family, within the learning community, and within the local community.
  • The young child’s development of creativity and imagination.
  • The young child’s development of decision-making and problem solving skills.
  • The young child’s development of communication skills that will enable him/her to express feelings, needs, ideas, and information in effective and appropriate ways.
  • The young child’s development of conflict management skills.
  • The young child’s understanding that he/she is a member of the worldwide community.

The curriculum encourages our teaching staff to implement a variety of tools including:

  • flexibility in group size
  • varied learning or activity centers
  • cooperative project work
  • individual projects
  • field trips
  • parent and community
  • volunteers
  • free play


    The curriculum includes specialized instruction in:

    • Foreign language – currently Spanish
    • Yoga
    • Teachers incorporate the Pennsylvania Early Learning and Kindergarten Standards in the on-going instruction and assessment of children’s development and learning.
    • HeartPrints offers children and families a variety of educational programs. Use the links below to learn more about specific programs.