Kindergarten Class

Age: 5 years old by September 30th
Class Schedule:
5 Half Day Morning 9:00 AM-12:00 PM -or- 5 Full Day 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

In this program, teachers design an engaging center-based learning environment for exploring our world through the Project Approach.  Classroom learning is enhanced through field trips and visits from special guests. Teachers incorporate the Pennsylvania Kindergarten Standards in the on-going assessment of children’s development and learning.  Children who register for Full Day Kindergarten complete Kindergarten curriculum in the morning and participate in STEAM Club enrichment in the afternoon.

Program Highlights:

  • Differentiated reading and math small groups
  • Discovery and exploration
  • Student-lead project work
  • Hands-on collaborative learning
  • Imagination and problem solving
  • Kindness and cultural awareness
  • A maximum class size of 18 with two certified teachers

Our Philosophy

The first kindergarten was created and named by Friedrich Froebel, a German educator, who introduced a school opening out on a garden for young children, conducted on the theory that education should be begin by gratifying and cultivating the normal aptitude for exercise, play, observation, imitation, and construction.



  • is grounded in Froebel’s concept of the kindergarten
  • is aligned with the guidelines set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for developmentally appropriate practice
  • focuses on an individualized approach emphasizing clear expectations and cooperation within consistent structures
  • embraces the philosophy of our preschool programs and supports our learning objectives: self-esteem & active learning; social competence & community; communication & aesthetics; discovery, exploration & appreciation; creativity, imagination & problem solving; and body awareness & control.
  • supports a diverse student population, both ethnically and socioeconomically, to provide an enriched learning environment and broad experiences for students, teachers and families.

Our Program...

  • Teachers use our six learning objectives as a flexible framework for planning experiences to promote the growth of each child.
  • Teachers prepare an engaging center-based learning environment for exploring our world through the project approach.
  • The curriculum encourages teaching staff to implement a variety of tools within the early childhood classroom including: flexibility in group size, varied learning or activity centers, cooperative project work, individual projects, parent and community volunteers, and play.
  • Classroom learning is enhanced through field trips or visits from special guests.
  • Supplemental activities include weekly yoga and foreign language instruction.
  • Children develop their handwriting skills through the Handwriting without Tears program of instruction.
  • Teachers incorporate the Pennsylvania Kindergarten Standards in the on-going instruction and assessment of children’s development and learning.
  • HeartPrints uses our own written assessment tool to evaluate each child’s individual pattern of development and learning. All assessments will be used as a foundation to design appropriate learning experiences for each child.

Admissions Criteria...

  • Children must turn 5 by September 1
  • Admission is based on space availability, with preference first given to HeartPrints’ families.
  • A maximum class size of 18.
  • For children new to HeartPrints, admission requires a school visit and interview.

Our Staff...

  • The kindergarten will be administered by our HeartPrints Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Board of Directors.
  • All teachers meet the qualifications outlined by NAEYC, theNational Association for the Education of Young Children. This means that they have degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Child Development, or a related field, or they have become qualified by providing verification of credit hours within the field of early childhood education.
  • All staff maintains certification in CPR and first aid. In addition, each staff member annually participates in at least 24 hours of continuing education within the field of early childhood education.

Our Learning Space...

  • A designated kindergarten classroom
  • Shared library, atelier and outdoor play facilities
  • Security system with video surveillance
  • Cooperation and coordination with therapists when necessary, but no in-house special services

Family Impact & Connections...

  • Teachers meet regularly with families to share information about the child’s school and home life.
  • Families may choose between morning or full day programs.
  • Tuition includes the cost of materials, snacks, and activity fees for the child. Family members accompanying children on class trips must pay their own fees.
  • Families may join HeartPrints’ committees and/or Board of Directors.
  • Bus service may be provided by the school district of residence.